The main beneficiaries of the food and cloth bank are the most vulnerable people from all the American Continent living in poverty, and in desperate need of these basic services. Unfortunately, poverty and extreme poverty in Central America is pervasive, there is a high percentage of the population that lives below the poverty line. Most of these people live from agriculture, have little or no education at all, making it for them to struggle accessing these basic needs of any human being.

Deigex counts with a multidisciplinary team of about twenty capable and professional volunteers to conduct the distribution of these goods.


One story that reflects very well the reality facing in many third world countries is Don Beto’s.

Don Beto is a seventy nine years old man, he sells candies for living. Due to COVID-19 shelter in place imposed by the government, there are no buses running. Don Beto, had to walk from his small village, Canton Espino, about ten kilometers every day to the nearest town, Zacatecoluca, with the hope to sell a couple of dollars a day, but did not sell anything, because there were no customers buying. He could not sell his candies and did not qualify to receive the relief bonus. He had literally no food on his table. There are much more similar cases of people like Don Beto in that community in urgent need of help.

Our organization is looking for interested Donors to contribute to alleviate support for people like Don Beto, living in very precarious conditions, in Canton Espino, a very small and por village from El Salvador, in Central America.

I thank all the people with good heart, that help donating to bring food to my table, may God bless them...

Don Beto

We are in need of donations of food and clothes which can be made in kind, cash or check, so we can purchase food and our volunteers can deliver these donations to the people that need them the most. Our goal is to deliver this goods within a month from the time we receive the donations.