El Salvador Relief Fund

El Salvador, the smallest country in Latin America, is facing colossal tropical storm Amanda, during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis.The entire nation has been under strict military enforced quarantine/Stay-at-Home Order for over 79 days; which indicates people have not been allowed to work, freely access food and medication, and the most vulnerable ones have been at home with little or not food at all on their table. To make matters worse, Tropical Storm Amanda has made landfall and has gravely flooded rivers, displacing homes and taking lives.

In El Salvador, officials said some 12,000 people have taken refuge in 269 shelters as torrential rain and strong winds destroyed hundreds of homes and damaged roads.In total is around 30,000 families have been affected in total is more than 100,000 people. All proceeds will be directly channeled towards high-risk communities and families that have literally lost everything. Deigex will use the money from donors to help rebuild people's homes, keep children dry, safe and warm and fed.

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More than 100,000 people have been affected in El Salvador due to the tropical Storm ...

El Salvador's officials