Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education, food, cloth, and opportunities to disadvantaged communities in the entire American continent.

In 2019, the founder's families Palma and Corcoran were touched by poverty and millions of people migrating due to extreme poor living conditions in the different countries of America. Building on a lot of will and desire to help those in great need, the founders established Deigex, to help the most vulnerable people in the American continent, to navigate the gaps in services that so often act as a barrier to achieve great success and generate abundance to the society.

Who We Are

Deigex is a 501(c)(3) United States Non-profit Tax Exempt Organization, and recognizes the need for integrated and closely coordinated services for this vulnerable population. We have partnership with people of goodwill in the US and El Salvador to provide critical services including food and clothing distribution. Twice a year, Deigex will engage congregations, and community organizations in El Salvador who will provide around 20 volunteers to help coordinate clothing and food for families living in extreme poverty.

Meet The Team

Eric Palma, Deigex CEO

Eric Palma

Chief Executive Officer


Vaneska Palma

Vaneska Palma

Chief Operating Officer


Silvia Corcoran

Board of Trustees


Silvia Corcoran

Javier Palma

Business Development Manager


Javier Palma